Effective Meetings In 7 Steps

7 simple steps to effective meetings that will change the way you work People spend up to 60 percent of their working day in meetings, but all too often they leave feeling overwhelmed and confused. Sound familiar? Meetings that involve the wrong people or are badly organised are a waste of everyone's time, so whether you need to learn from scratch or re-evaluate your techniques, this is the book for you. Follow our 7 simple steps to more productive, efficient and successful meetings. With expert advice on everything from using informal meetings to your advantage to dealing with technical hitches during conference calls, this book contains everything you need to transform the way you spend your working day.

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ISBN 9780007596423
Kategori Business and Economics, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development
Pengarang  Barry Tomalin
Penerbit HarperCollins Publishers
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