The Magnificent 12: The Trap

1 je tinggal.. siapa cepat, dia dapat!

Sometimes one hero isn't enough - sometimes you need a full dozen. Mack's search for his dazzling dozen continues in the second instalment of this funny, action-packed fantasy series by the New York Times bestselling author of GONE.

Mack, Jarrah, and Stefan travel to China and Germany to find the next two members of the Magnificent Twelve. It's easy: eat some scorpions, find some dragons, fight a guitar-playing thunder god, and stay away from Paddy "Nine Iron" Trout and his deadly but very sloooow blade.

Packed with action and humour, The Magnificent Twelve is perfect for boys who like their reading fast, furious, funny and with a cliffhanger ending...

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ISBN 9780007395989
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Pengarang Michael Grant
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